Move over Planet Coaster, there's some competition on the horizon, as Bandai Namco is bringing Park Beyond to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sometime in 2022.

Developed by Limbic Entertainment, the team behind Tropico 6, the hook for this theme park management sim is to go larger-than-life. While Planet Coaster is very grounded, Park Beyond will see you firing guests out of cannons across the park, having a giant octopus throw them around and even sending them into space.

There will still be a lot of management aspects too, such as controlling guest satisfaction, foot traffic and ensuring the park is maintained correctly. However, these hilarious contraptions will no doubt add some extra fun.

"If you've ever wanted to whip through the tentacles of an octopus, rocket across a canyon, or be shot into the stars you're in the right place, because you've officially been hired to build an entire park full of rides that shatter the limitations of the ordinary with impossification. Welcome to a world where the fantasy of creating the universe's greatest theme park comes true - welcome to Park Beyond!"

There's no solid release date outside of a 2022 release window, but this was one of the surprise announcements from Gamescom Opening Night Live. It gives us massive Thrillville: Off the Rails vibes, an immensely fun Xbox 360 title we loved back in the day. If Park Beyond can capture that magic again, then count us in.

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