Kojima: Twelve Minutes Is So Good, It Makes Me Want To Create A New Adventure Game

The interactive thriller Twelve Minutes finally arrived on Xbox Game Pass yesterday, and lots of Xbox and PC players have been enjoying it over the past 24 hours-or-so, including none other than industry legend Hideo Kojima.

Taking to Twitter, Kojima stated he "lost track of time and just played it for about four hours", and enthused that he hadn't been so enamoured with a game since 2016's puzzle-platformer Inside. High praise indeed!

Kojima continued to praise Twelve Minutes in follow-up tweets, and then dropped the very intriguing hint that it "kind of makes [him] want to create another adventure game". That's particularly intriguing because he's been rumoured for a while to be working on some kind of new game with Xbox, with "letters of intent" supposedly signed back in July.

Here's what reporter Jeff Grubb had to say about it on VentureBeat in July:

"Hideo Kojima and Microsoft have signed a letter of intent that states the two parties intend to work out the details on a publishing agreement for a new Xbox game, according to sources familiar with the matter. This is a key step in the negotiations between the Metal Gear Solid creator and the Xbox company."

Whether Kojima is directly referencing his rumoured Xbox project or he's just waxing lyrical about his love for Twelve Minutes remains to be seen, but it's great to see him enjoying the Game Pass title so much regardless. We did too!

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