Dataminers Allegedly Find 'Battle Royale' Audio Clip In Halo Infinite Preview

Halo Infinite's first technical preview has been a huge success on Xbox and PC over the past few days, but there have been a couple of downsides, such as campaign files being unintentionally leaked onto the web.

Additionally, dataminers now appear to have discovered an audio clip of Halo Infinite announcer Jeff Steitzer saying the words "battle royale", suggesting there might be a BR mode included in the final free-to-play multiplayer game.

That said, this doesn't necessarily indicate the existence of a battle royale mode, as commenters have pointed out that 343 might have "just recorded the 'battle royale' line for Forge players", or added it as a placeholder for the future.

Developer 343 Industries has indicated in the past that a battle royale mode would be unlikely in Halo Infinite at launch, but plans can change, and you never just know what the future holds. We'll see!

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