Anime streaming service Crunchyroll has entered into a partnership with Xbox to give away three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC to anyone who is a current member of Crunchyroll Premium, or signs up for a free trial of it.

You can head to the Crunchyroll website to sign up for the 14-day free trial and claim your code, although fans are reporting that this is for new Xbox Game Pass members only, and codes are running out fast (with restocks planned).

The offer will end on October 31, and you need to redeem your code by the 30th of November. Don't forget to cancel your Crunchyroll Premium subscription if you take the free trial as well - that is, of course, unless you want to keep it!

"Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021 is officially underway, and Crunchyroll has announced an exciting partnership to kick off the festivities. Crunchyroll has officially teamed up with Xbox to offer three months of Xbox Game Pass for PC to both current Crunchyroll Premium subscribers and new users who begin a Crunchyroll free trial worldwide outside of Asia.

Access to Xbox Game Pass for PC will be available to all new and existing Crunchyroll Premium subscribers along with any new user who signs up for a Crunchyroll Premium free trial. Interested users can sign up for a Crunchyroll Premium subscription and learn more today."

Have you claimed your free Xbox Game Pass for PC code? Let us know down in the comments below.