The past week has been a strange one for Halo Infinite. There's been a ton of discussion surrounding the game's destruction physics - namely with its fruit. Videos have surfaced comparing the game to others, each one comprised of blasting fruit with a gun to see how they react. It's a strange trend and one that doesn't seem to have bothered 343 Industries all too much.

During an IGN interview, the engineering team responded to those blasted fruit physics in a fun way:

"We can improve the fruit physics, but that means we'll have to cut the Needler."

Now, we don't know about you, but we'd definitely take the Needler (which feels exceptional in Halo Infinite) over some fruit reacting more realistically. This is a game about overpowered spartans leaping across maps, shooting aliens and using weird guns that fire pink needles. Does the fruit really matter?!

To no surprise, it appears the physics aren't being altered in any way. Head of creative on Halo Infinite, Joseph Staten, jokingly confirmed so via Twitter.

So there you have it. If you were hoping for any improvement to the fruit physics in Halo Infinite, it seems you may be waiting a long time as no plans are in the works.

Now, can we all move on from the issue and get back to the game? Thank you.

How do you feel about the fruit physics in Halo Infinite remaining the same? Let us know in the comments below.