A lot of people dismissed Hot Wheels Unleashed when it was first announced. With so many arcade racers out there it perhaps didn't grab as much attention as it seemingly deserved. But with this latest trailer highlighting the game's elaborate track editor, maybe that will all change.

The trailer acts as an overview for Hot Wheels Unleashed's track editor, and boy does it look good. Set across a variety of different locales, you'll be able to create the races of your dreams. Utilising the IP to its full potential, you can craft loops, insert decorative track pieces such as giant spiders and even use the environment as parts of the race.

With an invisible track tool, you can also weave your intricate creation into the surrounding area. For example, using tables or other surfaces as part of your race to really dial up the creativity. It looks to be the perfect tool to allow you to recreate those childhood memories of building your own setup - but this time without any of the added mess in your living room.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is racing onto Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on September 30.

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