Streets of Rage 4 became a huge hit last year, boosted by the fact that it was included with Xbox Game Pass at launch. A year on and some new DLC is on the way known as Mr Nightmare, arriving on July 15.

The new content was announced earlier this year, but now we know more about what we're getting. Priced at $7.99, you'll get some new characters, a survival mode, a character customiser, and more. It certainly seems to be packing quite a bit of content, and for those well versed in the lore of the game, you'll be happy to know it takes place after the events of the main campaign.

After the events of Streets of Rage 4, our heroes wanted to prepare themselves for future threats. Axel, Blaze and their mates will start a very special deranged training with the help of Dr. Zan, who built an AI program from the remnants of Mister X’s brain that simulates every kind of danger they could be facing.

With this new DLC, get ready for:

• 3 new playable characters
• A new Survival mode with weekly challenges
• Character customization: build your own fighting style with new moves
• New weapons and enemies!

Along with all this, a free update will also release alongside it. Players can expect to find a new difficulty level known as Mania+, training modes, new colour palettes for characters, and overall balances across the board.

There's a lot coming on the horizon, and it's not surprising as the game hit 2.5 million sales back in April. It's an incredible feat, but one we're ultimately not too surprised about. We loved our time with the game, complementing its combat and unlockables. To have more free and paid content on the way is something we can totally get behind.

Will you be picking up the Mr Nightmare DLC for Streets of Rage 4? Let us know in the comments below.