It's no secret that despite its incredible library, Xbox Game Pass has been somewhat starved of great party games throughout its lifespan thus far. The are notable exceptions like Overcooked! 2 and Golf With Your Friends, but with the addition of Gang Beasts, it feels like the service has very consciously bolstered its party game lineup.

Despite having an interest in the game ever since it first released, I'd never actually played Gang Beasts until it arrived on Game Pass last week. I downloaded it, booted it up, and was greeted with (in all honesty) a very barebones menu system that doesn't make a whole lot of sense and is very light on fancy presentation elements.

However, once you get into the game itself, it's very easy to see why Gang Beasts consistently sits among the most popular Xbox titles on the Microsoft Store. I ventured online right away, and even so, I felt like I'd got the hang of the physics-based mechanics within a few minutes, and I was already on-par with the other competitors.

Gang Beasts Xbox Game Pass Soapbox Feature

The action consists of failing your arms around, trying to grab and pull opponents, and jumping for dear life every time you feel like you're about to fall off the edge of something. It's really no more complicated than that, and the strategy centres around navigating obstacles, trying to manipulate your character's body to get an advantage, and temporarily knocking out your opponents so you have a better chance of dragging them to their impending doom.

It also helps that it's absolutely hilarious at times, watching these characters fail around in desperation. My first match ended in a duel between me and another player, the two of us both clasping onto the side of a ledge as we tried to hang on. It's the sort of game that gets everyone shouting and screaming at tense moments, even if they're not involved.

Gang Beasts could be described as a breath of fresh air for Xbox Game Pass, then, and while it's certainly not perfect in every area, it doesn't really need to be. It's just that kind of silly, multiplayer fun that Xbox Game Pass has been lacking a bit over the years, accessible to anyone and everyone, and a total blast to play with friends or strangers.

Have you tried Gang Beasts on Xbox Game Pass yet? Let us know down in the comments below.

Have You Played Gang Beasts Yet?