The narrative-driven experience Last Stop was announced to be arriving on Xbox Game Pass just a couple of days before its launch tomorrow, and now the first reviews for the game have dropped.

Been looking forward to this unique adventure? Here's what critics are saying ahead of its launch on Xbox on July 22.

Game Informer (8/10)

Last Stop isn’t for everyone; it’s a slow-paced narrative that requires a bit of time invested before the payoff. The conclusion of Last Stop, however, is unique, surprising, and it left me contemplating my choices in the game itself and in real life. It was a thoughtful journey, one that concluded on a satisfying note tinged with wonder and a renewed feeling of what it means to be human.

NME (8/10)

Some may dismiss Last Stop as a game, especially when even its limited moments of control feel obsolete, and the supernatural premise may ultimately come and go like a summer fever dream. But with three equally engaging stories set in London at its most remarkably mundane, the excellent writing and performances make this a binge-worthy experience.

Easy Allies (7/10)

Last Stop is a narrative adventure that never fully capitalizes on its potential. The characters themselves are interesting, and the finale leaves things in a fascinating place, but the journey to get there is too passive and uneven.

IGN (6/10)

Last Stop spins three intriguing tales in an enjoyably vibrant vision of London, but the superficial depth of its dialogue options and redundant quick-time events made me feel like I was just passively pushing buttons to cue the next cutscene, as opposed to having any meaningful influence on the course of events that followed.

Slant Magazine (2/5)

For as much effort has clearly gone into voicing and animating these characters within their 3D environments, we never spend enough time to seem like we really know them; quirks of the game’s strict linearity ensure we remain at a distance, observing relationships that are otherwise too thinly sketched to sustain the game’s emotional ambitions. Last Stop eventually arrives at an all-too-familiar game-design destination, hamstrung by its attempts at verisimilitude.

It seems the reactions are very divisive. Some love it, some aren't so keen, and others are sitting in the middle. However, the general consensus appears to be that it's very cutscene heavy with little interaction. Your enjoyment is going to stem from how invested you are in the story.

Still, as it's hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one tomorrow, it's definitely worth a go to see how it suits you. As it stands the Metacritic rating is sitting at 71, but no doubt it will fluctuate as more reviews pour in.

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