Random: Phil Spencer Has Been Flying Around Mount Everest In Microsoft Flight Simulator
Image: 3Bit (@TheVGHD on Twitter)

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been busy playing a bunch of new Xbox games recently, from the critically-acclaimed Death's Door, to Raji: An Ancient Epic and The Ascent on Xbox Game Pass, and for his latest excursion, he's been testing his skills as a pilot in the incredible Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How do we know? Well, Xbox fan @TheVGHD on Twitter found him cruising around Mount Everest in the game's World Map, and tried to follow him with little success. Spencer, also, couldn't make it to the summit.

If you weren't aware, you can find your Xbox friends like this by heading to the World Map, searching for their little icon, and hitting 'set as Departure'. However, we've found that the game often displays friends who haven't been playing for up to 24 hours, so even if you see them, it doesn't necessarily mean they're online at that moment.

Mount Everest looks amazing if you do get to the top of it, and it's one of many landmarks to explore in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Don't forget to download the free World Updates to add even more incredible sights to the experience.

Which landmarks have you been visiting in Flight Sim so far? Let us know in the comments below.