Microsoft Flight Simulator World Updates Xbox Series X Series S

By now you've hopefully had a chance to at least try Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and marvel at its wonderful visuals. But did you know you can make it look even better (for free)?

Over the past year, the team at Asobo Studio has been releasing a series of world updates, targeting different areas of the world and giving them a hand-crafted makeover. These updates are accessible for free on Xbox as well, but they don't come pre-installed, so you have to find and download them for yourself.

The updates that have been released so far have focused on Japan, the USA, the UK and Ireland, Western Europe and the Nordics, adding everything from high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for cities to custom landmarks.

Without further ado, here's how you can locate them:

  • Load up Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • On the main menu, scroll across to 'Marketplace'
  • Identify the 'World Update' tab and select it
  • Hit 'Full Catalog', and you will see all five available world updates

As you can see from the image above, all you need to do after this is hit 'Get and Download', and your chosen world update/s will begin downloading in the background while you play the game. This obviously takes up extra space, so you might want to pick and choose the updates you're most interested in.

Asobo will continue to release free world updates in the future, so there's plenty more good stuff to come!

Have you downloaded any of these free world updates for Flight Sim on Xbox? Let us know below.