Phil Spencer: Cloud Gaming Is A 'Great Opportunity' To Keep Supporting Xbox One

Xbox boss Phil Spencer got into a big, long discussion with IGN as part of the outlet's IGN Unlocked 500 podcast a couple of days ago, and one of the questions that was posed to him related to Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One.

It has already been mentioned that Microsoft will bring next-gen games to Xbox One (such as Microsoft Flight Simulator) via Xbox Cloud Gaming in the future, and Spencer pointed out that xCloud served as a "great bridge opportunity" for Microsoft to support Xbox One customers "as long as we possibly can".

He highlighted the new Microsoft Edge browser coming to Xbox consoles as a way of doing this, but warned that, obviously, there will come a point in the future where it might not be possible to keep supporting old systems.

Xbox One games are still coming thick and fast right now, of course, but as they do start to slow down, it's great to know that we'll able to play the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox One as well. Spencer made sure to mention that the experience won't rival actually plugging in an Xbox Series X and playing the game on local hardware, but the ability to give last-gen customers a sample of next-gen experiences is very much "the plan" right now.

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