Marvel's Avengers War For Wakanda Expansion Gets An August Release Date
Image: Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics

After being announced earlier this year, Square Enix has now revealed the huge War for Wakanda expansion for Marvel's Avengers will be launching on August 17.

The free expansion brings Black Panther into the roster as a playable character, along with the huge new biome of Wakanda. A whole new story will take place, with brand-new missions and story beats to uncover. It's sounding to be a pretty promising addition to the original game.

The story of the free War for Wakanda expansion revolves around King T'Challa, the Black Panther, devoted protector and current ruler of Wakanda.

Blindsided by a betrayal and the resulting tragedy, T'Challa finds it difficult to entrust his duty to anyone else, even his sister Shuri, while also confronting those who wish to do Wakanda harm. When arch-villain Klaw's forces threaten Wakanda's safety, T'Challa must take the fight right to them to defend everything and everyone he holds dear.

A brand new Marvel's Avengers War Table will also take place on August 16 at 10am PDT / 6pm BST via developer Crystal Dynamics' Twitch channel, which will deep dive into all the new content available in the expansion.

The game had its roadmap for the future rejigged last month, changing around the dates of when some new key elements would be coming to the title. The team still seems dedicated to supporting the game, but whether the fans will continue to stick around after the War for Wakanda expansion remains to be seen.

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