Halo Infinite is looking incredibly promising and while there's still a lot we don't know about this anticipated release just yet, it seems a recent employee spotlight on 343's website has given us just a little bit more information.

According to the game's Lead Multiplayer Designer, Andrew Witts, the new entry will allow players to ping points of interest such as weapons, landmarks, enemies and more - making communication both easier and quicker with teammates. It may also help if you're not using voice comms on the battlefield. This is more formally known as a "Mark System":

"My team also gets to work on awesome MP systems like Weapon Spawners, voice over messaging systems such as the Classic Halo Announcer and new Personal AI, and the Mark System, which is a feature where players can mark a spot in the world that lets their teammates know vital information, like an enemy position or weapon location."

Ping systems are becoming rather common in a lot of large-scale shooters nowadays, and once again, make it much easier to communicate with players who may not be mic'd up or have access to something like a keyboard. Hopefully, it won't be too long before we get to test out the game's multiplayer for ourselves - with 343 recently suggesting we're "creeping closer and closer" to the technical preview.

Are you looking forward to Halo Infinite's multiplayer? Glad to hear there's a mark system? Leave a comment below.

[source 343industries.com, via windowscentral.com]