EA Announces Ripple Effect Studios, Working On Battlefield 2042 And 'New Project'

EA has announced that its DICE LA team will be rebranding to Ripple Effect Studios, and will be working on Battlefield 2042 alongside a yet-to-be-announced project.

The news was announced in a blog post, which revealed DICE LA general manager Christian Grass will be taking the reigns, joined by Respawn Entertainment's founder Vince Zampella. Grass said they are "excited to look towards the future, expand the team and establish [their] own identity", with Zampella adding that "now is a great time to consider joining us."

“The talent here has a great track record of producing high-quality titles, and the studio’s set to make even more incredible games in the future. With an amazing new campus coming to Los Angeles and remote positions available, now is a great time to consider joining us."

As for what they'll be working on, it's been revealed to be a "player-inspired experience for Battlefield 2042", along with "starting work on a yet-to-be-announced project". It's unclear what this player-inspired experience will become, but with an EA Play Live event taking place in a few weeks time, perhaps we'll hear more about it there.

The post also delivers high expectations for the developer, claiming it will be "a studio that excels at everything". The team's aim is to "reach a super level of quality" in all that they do, alongside "cultivating a positive company culture and growing a thriving community."

These are some lofty expectations, but EA seems confident the team can reach them. There are no further details on what the new project is that they'll be working on, but we're sure we'll hear more after the release of Battlefield 2042.

Any ideas what the player-inspired experience for Battlefield 2042 or the yet-to-be-announced project may be? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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