Death's Door Players Are Loving This Unique Little Feature In The Game
Image: Devolver Digital

Death's Door launched on Xbox yesterday and we absolutely love it. It's the first game that we've given a 10/10 rating to this year due to its perfect blend of multiple genres. It's also a game that is packed with cute, funny little moments, and players seem to unanimously be loving this one singular feature.

Out of everything in the game - the bosses, world design, and intricate puzzles - everyone seems to be obsessed with what happens when you slice a sign in half. Wondering around the world you'll see signposts pointing you towards different locations, which you can interact with for more information. Strike it with your sword and it cuts in half.

But what's so good about that, right? Well, interact with the sign again and it will only display the bottom half of the text since you've massacred it. You can even waltz on over to the chopped half to read the other part. It's a meaningless little inclusion, but players on Twitter and Reddit are falling over themselves about it.

Some players have said this is something they've "been waiting for Zelda games to do for years", while others are saying the clip alone has convinced them to buy the game. If you think this is impressive, then Death's Door is full of wonderful little moments like this, and we can't overstate enough just how special the whole game actually is.

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