Dark Souls 3 Is Still 'Dying To Be Pushed Further' On Xbox Series X, Says Analysis

In case you missed the news, Dark Souls 3 received a very welcome FPS Boost for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S last night, and Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has already got to work in analysing its performance.

The big positive is that it's a "massive improvement" over the previous version of the game, sitting at a near-perfect 60 frames per-second on both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and featuring faster loading times as standard.

There's only one catch, and "it's a big one", which is that due to the limitations of FPS Boost, Dark Souls 3 still only runs at 900p resolution on both systems. Digital Foundry says it's "especially disappointing" that Xbox Series X still utilises this resolution, as the upgraded PlayStation 5 version runs at 1080, 60fps with no issues, and it seems very likely that the Xbox Series X would be able to match this as well.

"For now, Dark Souls 3 is a markedly improved experience on Series consoles, but one that is dying to be pushed further on Series X, given the power on tap."

Of course, the Xbox team has never advertised FPS Boost as being a feature that can also improve the resolution of games, so we weren't expecting an upgrade to Dark Souls 3's standard 900p resolution. It's a little disappointing, sure, but the fact that we can now play DS3 at 60fps (at no extra charge!) is certainly nothing to grumble about.

What are your thoughts on Dark Souls 3's FPS Boost for Xbox Series consoles? Tell us down below.

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