BioWare Shares New Dragon Age 4 Concept Art
Image: BioWare

With the news that Dragon Age 4 won't be appearing at EA Play Live later this month, some fans are (understandably) upset. It's been years since the game was originally announced and the community is hungry to hear and see more. While there won't be anything substantial in the near future, BioWare has shared a new piece of concept art to ease the heartache.

The image, which was shared by the game's executive producer Christian Dailey, features a faction from the series known as the Antivan Crows, a group of thieves, spies, and assassins. The caped group can be seen on the rooftops of a city, throwing a cheeky smile to the viewer. It's not the most substantial look at the game, but it's another breadcrumb for us to salivate over.

We've received a few teases of the game over the years, from CGI trailers to concept art. However, there's still yet to be a full gameplay reveal or indication of when the game may be releasing. The same goes for the next Mass Effect, although that was only announced late last year.

Dailey says the team "are excited to share more when the time is right", although when that will be remains to be seen. In the meantime we'll have to take all these little nuggets of information we can get.

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