Call Of Duty: Warzone Has Yet Another New Texture Pack On Xbox Series X
Image: Infinity Ward

Call of Duty is back... with another texture pack. This marks the fifth one added to Warzone, coming in at 6.58GB on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X.

While anyone can download the pack, the Microsoft Store description recommends it's only for high-resolution displays on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X. VGC highlights that it's recommended for 1440p displays and above.

Obviously, if you only own an Xbox Series S or base Xbox One model, you're probably fine to skip out on this. With such an increasingly large file size, it's probably a blessing in disguise. It's also important to note that Xbox Series X|S owners will be getting a dedicated next-gen version of the game in the future, although no date has been announced. At least this will bridge the gap in the meantime with a bump in visuals.

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