Xbox Exclusive The Medium May Be Jumping To PS5 Very Soon

The Medium was perhaps the first 'big' exclusive for Xbox Series X|S owners. It showed off the power of the SSD, as it simultaneously ran two game worlds side by side. It was technically impressive, although we found it a little shallow in its gameplay. It was always confirmed to be a timed exclusive, but that contract may be up sooner as expected.

As spotted by Gematsu, the Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated The Medium for PlayStation 5. This signals that a release of the game may be fairly imminent for Sony owners, as typically games rated by the ESRB are a sure fire for release. Many believed the exclusivity for Xbox players would remain for a year, but it looks as though it could just be six months.

A physical release of the game was announced back in March, but no platforms were confirmed at the time. It could be that the physical launch will see its release on PlayStation 5. On June 11, Koch Media - the team behind the physical release - is planning to air a presentation on upcoming releases. With many games confirmed not to be attending, it could be possible the Xbox exclusive will be announced to be reaching other systems then.

Xbox fans may also be getting a PlayStation console exclusive earlier than anticipated, too. Just this week Oddworld: Soulstorm was spotted being rated for Xbox. Again, many expected the exclusivity agreement to last for at least a year, but it may also be six months. No doubt we'll find out soon enough.

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