Deep Silver Confirms Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro And Timesplitters Won't Be At E3
Image: Deep Silver

Bad news if you were hoping to see one of Deep Silver's biggest franchise, you won't be finding them at E3, as the publisher has confirmed their omission.

To tamper expectations ahead of the Koch Primetime Gaming Stream on June 11, it's been confirmed that the Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro, and Timesplitters series' won't be part of the billing. To add to that, it's also been said they won't be appearing at any other E3 event, but will let fans know when they have news to share.

This ultimately begs the question of what will be there then? Koch Media owns many subsidiaries besides Deep Silver, including Flying Wild Hog and Ravenscourt. While it may be disappointing that these games won't be appearing, it does add some excitement to have no expectations as to what could be there. One week till we find out.

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