This is perhaps one of more shocking moments of E3 - the Fatal Frame series is making its way back onto Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

The classic horror series hasn't been on Xbox since the 2004 release, Fatal Frame II: Director's Cut, but now its returning with Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which was originally the fifth entry to release previously on Wii U.

Players will come face to face with the ghoulish apparitions that roam the world, as they're forced to use a camera to defend themselves. The remaster comes with improved visuals, a photo mode, and new costumes for players to enjoy.

Key Features

- Try to survive this bone-chilling entry in the Fatal Frame series, now with upgraded visuals.
- Try on new costumes or take the photo mode for a spin to create your own original picture-perfect shots.
- Explore haunting locales such as an underground cave for disturbing sacrifices and a shrine for life-sized dolls.
- Use your Camera Obscura to defend yourself against horrifying ghosts that pursue you.
- As you traverse Mt. Hikami, beware of the incredibly dangerous water coursing throughout the mountain.
- Try to stay alive while investigating the ominous Mt. Hikami.

If you've never played a Fatal Frame before, it's probably best going in blind and enjoying the experience yourself. It's unlike many other horror franchises out there and brings something unique to the table. We're hoping it launches around Halloween, as it will make for a perfect entry to dive into on those dark, spooky nights.

Are you excited for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water? Let us know in then comments below.