Tomorrow sees the launch of Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life - a huge expansion to the base game which introduces a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover with the game. We've had a few trailers up until now, but there's still been a shroud of mystery over what players can expect - until now. Rare has released an almost 40 minute long video diving into everything players can expect.

The showcase dives into tons of new mechanics, demonstrating this is much more than a simple update. Players can tag along with a fully voiced and working Captain Jack Sparrow across five Tall Tales adventures. These will have you venturing the seven seas, taking down other ships, battling Davy Jones, and coming across new locations.

It looks like a ton of fun, as gameplay shows Captain Jack Sparrow joining in cinematic ship battles, to a talking head you carry around that spouts the lore of some of the new areas. Rare has clearly pumped a ton of love into this new expansion and tomorrow will show the fruit of their labours.

Today’s special Xbox broadcast catches up with the teams behind this magical collaboration to offer some rousing insights into its creation. Team members from both Rare and Disney talk freely about the vision, the ambition, the care and attention poured into every aspect of this dream crossover – and just some of the features they’re most excited for fans of both franchises to experience.

For those of you out there who have been craving more Sea of Thieves, or perhaps miss the severely underrated Pirates of the Caribbean Online (trust us, it is), then these sea faring adventures will be right up your alley. While some fans are concerned the crossover will detract from the lore Rare has already created, all will be answered tomorrow when the update goes live - so long as the servers are prepared.

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