Twelve Minutes is looking to be a very cinematic indie game, and is arriving this August on Xbox Game Pass. Featuring voice work from Hollywood A-listers such as James McAvoy, Willem Dafoe, and Daisy Ridley, it's set to further close the gap between the film and games industry in a unique new way. This latest piece of official artwork, which invokes a movie poster aesthetic, is one of the many ways it's attempting to usher in its audience.

In collaboration with MOCEAN - an advertising team who have worked on huge IPs such as Marvel and Star Wars - the poster aims to "follow the footsteps" of film marketing. The game's creator Luis Antonio says the "goal was to make not only something that you’d be happy to see hanging on your wall, but hopefully is iconic enough to survive the test of time, clearly connects to the movie genre and above all, fits with the themes and narrative of what this interactive thriller is about."

It's a beautiful piece of artwork, ideal to display on the wall, and perfectly demonstrates the game's "Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Fincher" directorial influences. If you didn't know already, the game is set around a mystery within a 12-minute time loop. Your wife is accused of murder and you're beaten to death, so you must solve the mystery to break the paradox. It's a unique, interesting concept, and we can't wait to see how it plays out on August 19.

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