The New Xbox Design Lab Allows You To Make An 'Xbox 360 Throwback' Controller

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced the return of the Xbox Design Lab yesterday as part of the 'Xbox Games Showcase Extended' event, and fans have already been getting creative with custom controller designs.

The most popular we've seen so far is this 'Xbox 360 Throwback' variant, which was actually highlighted by Xbox senior product planner James Shields, along with a bunch of pictures of the controller in-person:

Shields also went as far as to detail the exact way in which you can create this controller in Xbox Design Lab, so if you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, follow these instructions on the website:

  • Body: Robot White
  • Back: Ash Grey
  • Bumpers: Robot White
  • Triggers: Robot White
  • D-pad: Ash Grey
  • Thumbsticks: Storm Grey
  • ABXY: Black on Colors
  • View, Menu, Share: Grey on White

"You can place your Xbox Design Lab order now in the US, Canada and most Western European Countries for $69.99 USD, with optional laser engraving for an additional $9.99 USD. Each controller will be delivered within 14 business days of placing your order."

Will you be taking advantage of the new Xbox Design Lab? Let us know down in the comments below.