Rumour: The Outer Worlds 2 May Be Announced At Xbox's E3 2021 Show

We're now just over a week away from Xbox and Bethesda's massive E3 2021 showcase on Sunday, June 13, and as usual, there are loads of rumours flying around about what we might see at the event.

The latest batch of rumours and predictions has arrived via Windows Central, which perhaps most notably has been told that Obsidian could appear in a big way, including the reveal of The Outer Worlds 2.

"I've been told conflicting information about the possibility of Avowed being at the show, which is Obsidian's first-person RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe, making me think there's a 50/50 chance we could see something on it.

I've also been told that, surprisingly, Outer Worlds 2 may be announced. Grounded has also been cited for a potential content showcase, detailing some big upcoming new features."

Windows Central also noted in its report that Wolfenstein 3 might make an appearance, Forza Horizon 5 is expected to be revealed with a 2021 release date, and the mysterious 'Project Typhoon' could also show up, along with some kind of "vampire-themed immersive sim" currently being worked on by Arkane Studios.

In any case, there's not long to go until we find out for sure. Join us here at Pure Xbox for the full event next Sunday!

Would you like to see The Outer Worlds 2 appear at Xbox's E3 2021 show? Let us know down below.