New Hot Wheels Toys Suggest Forza Horizon 5 Is Coming This Year

Forza Horizon 5 feels like the worst kept secret at this point. Multiple sources have allegedly confirmed its existence, that it's going to be set in Mexico, and that it could be arriving later this year. A new set of reportedly uncovered Hot Wheels toys add fuel to the fire for this rumour, further hinting that the game is on its way.

According to reputable Hot Wheels site T-Hunted, a new series of Hot Wheels toys are expected to release this September, showcasing a variety of cars, which we can only expect will be found in the game. Among the selection is the '19 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Corvette C7.R and Porche 911 - the former of which has never been added to Forza Horizon 4.

More interestingly is the background for each toy, which has the cars residing against a desert background. With an environment that is looking suspiciously like Mexico, it's sounding more and more likely these Hot Wheels toys are a tie-in to the upcoming rumoured title.

Previously, Hot Wheels toys that have released alongside the launch of a Forza Horizon game have dropped the same time as the game's release. So we may be seeing Forza Horizon 5 as early as September - if the rumours are true. No doubt all will be revealed in a few weeks when Xbox hosts its E3 showcase.

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