Big fan of Gang Beasts? Then you're going to want to keep Party Animals on your radar, as it adopts essentially the same premise as a physics-based brawler, although the competitors this time around are cute, cuddly animals!

Party Animals is officially coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022, where you'll brawl across multiple modes and maps using a variety of hilarious, over the top weapons. You’ll meet several characters in the game, including a corgi, a cat, a unicorn, a gorilla, and many, many more. Here's a bit of blurb from the developer:

"Our team was inspired to create Party Animals because we couldn’t find a game we could easily jump into and play with our extended family of mostly inexperienced gamers. Adorable animals, easy to pick up mechanics, and colorful graphics helped make the game more appealing and accessible.

At the same time, we want to ensure the game is challenging for more experienced players, with competitive elements and modes that require skilled teamwork to master."

Liking the look of Party Animals? Will you be brawling on Xbox Game Pass in 2022? Let us know below.