Microsoft Flight Simulator Listed For June Xbox Series X Release By GameStop

Update (Thu 10th Jun, 2021 16:15 BST): Just to add to the confusion, Japanese website Impress Watch has been reporting today that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on July 20, even going as far as to provide screenshots of the trailer they saw as part of a pre-E3 2021 press video.

Multiple outlets have seen this trailer, but only Impress Watch is reporting the specific date of the release:

"In this video, it was supposed to 'do not talk about game titles', but as an 'exception', the video and release date of 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' for Xbox Series X and Series S were released.

The release date is "July 20th". Of course, it is subject to "all-you-can-play" on the Game Pass."

Obviously, this contradicts the GameStop Ireland listing from yesterday (which has since been removed), so it's anyone's guess right now what the exact release date will be. In any case, we'll almost certainly find out this Sunday.

Original story (Wed 9th Jun, 2021 22:45 BST): Well, well, well! Eagle-eyed fans have spotted this evening that Microsoft Flight Simulator has appeared with a June 15 release date for Xbox Series X at GameStop Ireland, potentially hinting at a very exciting shadow drop.

This appears to be the only retailer that has listed the game thus far, and you can see a snap of it below:

There are a couple of reasons to doubt this listing, however, with the first being that it's only the Irish version of GameStop that is reporting this date so far, and it also mentions that the game is by Aerosoft rather than Asobo Studio, but legit listings have often been known to feature mistakes like these as well.

If it is true, Microsoft will likely be saving the huge announcement for the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase this Sunday, and it would definitely serve as one of the highlights of the event! Hopefully we're almost ready for take off..

Do you think this listing is the real deal? Give us your thoughts down in the comments below.

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