Surprise! A wonderful little indie title has sprouted up on the Xbox store today as a sort of shadow drop. It actually dropped over the weekend, but hasn't appeared onto Xbox until today. Coming from developer Studio Fizbin, Minute of Islands is a beautiful hand drawn adventure, and is on the Microsoft Store right now for £19.99 / $19.99.

To further elaborate, it's a narrative driven platformer where you play as Mo, who is on a quest to "repair a world on the brink of collapse". You'll explore the island, solve puzzles, and engage in an emotional story that is sure to pack a punch.

Key Features

- Wield the powerful Omni Switch throughout story-based environmental puzzles and platform gameplay to regain control over the giants’ machines.
- Face the dark truth beneath the islands’ surfaces and unravel an emotional poetic story, narrated by actress Megan Gay.
- Explore a fantastic handcrafted world across multiple unique islands, meet curious characters and creatures, and uncover the archipelago’s secrets.

Our sister site Push Square described it as a short but beautiful trip, with an engaging story and some neat puzzles. We must say, the art style is really lovely and is calling to us. Could be a nice way to unwind after this manic E3 season and the gargantuan show that Xbox put on last week.

Will you be trying out Minute of Islands? Let us know in the comments below.

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