Halo Infinite May Support Dolby Vision Alongside Dolby Atmos
Image: 343 Industries

While we already knew Halo Infinite would be supporting virtual surround sound, with Dolby Atmos being one of the supported technologies, we now appear to have confirmation that Dolby Vision will also be included.

As spotted by the team over at Wccftech, the official Halo Infinite game page on Dolby's website recently had the game slated to include Dolby Vision support. Unfortunately, the page has since been removed, which could indicate it was pushed too early. Another theory is the information is wrong, which would come after an Xbox Wire page reported that Dolby Vision and Atmos would be exclusive to Xbox for two years - until it was later confirmed to be inaccurate.

Dolby Vision, for those that don't know, essentially takes the image and creates a more refined HDR piture. You'll find the colours to be more vibrant and the blacks to much darker. It's one of the best ways to experience games currently, and has recently begun rolling out for Xbox Insider members.

If you're not part of the programme and want to see what the fuss is all about surrounding Dolby Vision, you can check out Apple TV+, which just recently had the support added. We're hoping we'll have confirmation about Dolby Vision support very soon, as it will be great for more games to begin implementing it.

Would you like to see Dolby Vision support in Halo Infinite? Let us know in the comments below.

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