Dolby Vision On the Apple TV App And Spotify Video Podcasts Are Coming To Xbox This Week

Some lovely new features are on the way for Xbox fans who enjoy using media apps on their Xbox - namely for Apple TV+ and Spotify - both of which are getting some cool updates starting this week.

First off, Xbox has revealed that Apple TV+ will be getting Dolby Vision support for those with a compatible TV. The update will see a variety of shows on the service receive a substantial visual upgrade, which is said to bring a "wider spectrum of colours with highlights that are up to 40 times brighter and blacks that are 10 times darker than a standard picture". The perfect compliment to the already available Dolby Atmos sound.

"To start experiencing it with a Dolby Vision compatible TV, you need to have “Allow Dolby Vision” enabled and checked in Settings > General > TV & display options > Video Modes on your console. You can also confirm if content is available in Dolby Vision by looking for the Dolby Vision logo at the bottom of the Movie / Show’s description page in the Apple TV app or during playback by pressing the B button on your controller."

Joining Apple TV+'s update is video podcasts being available on the Spotify app. Xbox owners will now be able to play video content accompanying their favourite podcasts. But don't worry, if you prefer to let the audio run in the background you can still do so.

The Xbox team also highlighted some of the latest apps that are available now, including Discovery+, Paramount+, and IMDb TV. Sometimes it can be easy to forget the wide audience who use their consoles for more than just gaming, and if you have the right setup, some of these new features are undoubtedly going to be on your radar.

Are you happy with the new updates to Apple TV+ and Spotify? Let us know in the comments below.