Gang Beasts Will Add Cross-Play When It Joins Xbox Game Pass, But Not With PlayStation

We've got a bunch of games heading to Xbox Game Pass later this week, including the hugely popular party game Gang Beasts, and the extra good news is that it will be adding cross-play between Xbox and PC on the same day.

The downside? PlayStation isn't joining the party for the time being, with the Gang Beasts team explaining on Twitter that cross-play "is not feasible at the moment" with PlayStation, but they're hoping that could change in the future.

Nevertheless, the addition of cross-play means that regardless of where you choose to play Gang Beasts on Xbox Game Pass this Thursday, you'll be able to link up with friends and strangers across Xbox consoles, PC and the cloud.

The game was actually supposed to arrive on Game Pass last year, but was suddenly cancelled for unknown reasons back in December. It's a really great and hilarious game to play with friends, so we'll definitely be installing this one!

Will you be trying Gang Beasts with Xbox Game Pass this week? Let us know down in the comments.