How crazy is this?! YouTube channel The Retro Future has discovered there's actually a way of playing the Xbox Series X on the very original Nintendo DS, made possible by the existence of a random Japanese accessory.

The accessory is a Nintendo DS TV Tuner which doesn't work as intended anymore (at least in the UK) due to analogue TV signals having been turned off, but with the help of some AV cables and an HDMI adapter, you can theoretically plug pretty much anything in and it'll display on the top screen - although we don't know why you'd want to...

You can see the Xbox Series X in action on the Nintendo DS in the video above, with the team showcasing the console's boot-up screen and a game of Rocket League, albeit with a lot of squinting involved. Pretty cool discovery regardless!

What do you make of this? Ever seen one of these TV tuners? Let us know down in the comments.

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