Back 4 Blood is looking more and more impressive with each new trailer, and the latest gives us a great look at not only the characters you play as, but the zombie hordes you'll be facing.

There's eight characters to choose from when diving into a game of Back 4 Blood: Holly, Walker, Doc, Karlee, Jim, Hoffman, Evangelo, and Mom. Each has their own unique skillset to utilise, for example Jim who specialises in precision kills and long-range support.

We also get a taste of various Ridden enemy types, the infected that pursue you in the game. You'll come against Breakers, Ogres, Snitchers, and Hags, each as horrible and terrifying as they sound. There's some clear influences with Left 4 Dead here, but there's a lot more creativity on display here, with visible weak points on each monster to tackle.

Meet the eight playable characters who make up the Ridden slaying group, The Cleaners, in this new trailer for the upcoming first-person co-op zombie shooter, Back 4 Blood.

Get to know Holly, Walker, Doc, Karlee, Jim, Hoffman, Evangelo, and Mom, and learn more about the characters' abilities and backgrounds. Additionally, get a peek at the range of Ridden variants you'll fight against including Breakers, Ogres, Snitchers, Hags, and more.

The game was originally intended to release in June, but was pushed back to the spooky period of October. Acting as a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, we have a feeling this is going to be a big hit when it launches on Xbox later this year, and if this trailer is anything to go buy, we can see why.

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