The 'World's First Xbox Controller To Include Dolby Atmos' Is Heading To North America

Nacon and RIG have announced today that the RIG Pro Compact - the world's first Xbox controller to actually include Dolby Atmos for Headphones as part of the package - is coming to North America on May 20.

If you've seen this controller before, it's because it's already available in Europe as the Nacon Pro Compact Controller, but it's now making its way across the pond with RIG. It's available to pre-order as of today in the US and Canada, available from GameStop, Walmart and Target in the US, and retailing for $49.99 (USD) / $79.96 (CAN).

So, how does the Dolby Atmos feature work? Basically, instead of paying the $14.99 license fee, Dolby Atmos for Headphones is actually tied to the controller, and is accessible when you plug it into any modern Xbox console, giving you improved audio quality.

Here are some of the other features included with the RIG Pro Compact:

Exceptional audio, optimized form factor and complete customization give the PRO Compact an impressive combination of features. Gamers can create custom button maps, change trigger sensitivity and control dead zones using the PRO Compact app for Xbox.

Along with the controller, two new headsets are arriving in the form of the RIG 500 PRO Gen 2 and RIG 700 PRO HX, with the former available at major retailers on May 20, and the latter available today exclusively at GameStop.

Again, here are some details on both models of these headsets:

The RIG 500 PRO Gen 2 takes everything gamers love about the first generation 500 PRO and adds a few upgrades. All models of the 500 PRO Gen 2 feature a comfort-enhanced steel headband that is both highly durable and flexible while also being lightweight. Signature RIG exoskeleton earcup design isolates low distortion 50mm drivers that have been specifically tuned for immersive game audio.

Lastly, the RIG 700 PRO Series delivers unreal wireless comfort with zero lag in an ultralightweight design. Weighing no more than 241 grams, it remains one of the lightest wireless headsets available for Xbox and PlayStation gaming. Featuring a self-adjusting head strap along with dual-material ear cushions, the RIG 700 PRO Series provides hours of fatigue-free gaming.

More information on all of these accessories can be found over at the Nacon website.

Interested in any of these new Xbox accessories from Nacon and RIG? Let us know down below.

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