NACON Xbox Pro Controller March This Month
Image: NACON

Gaming accessory creator, NACON, is releasing a wired Xbox Pro Compact Controller, which is designed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, coming on March 15th for €49.90.

Available in white or black, it can be used as a standard Xbox controller, or equipped with its own Advanced Mode, which brings across a host of nifty features. Using the Pro Compact app, which can be downloaded via Xbox or PC, players can adjust multiple features, such as button mapping, or the sensitivity of the thumbsticks and triggers.

Xbxprocompactwhite Main

“The Pro Compact has the traditional functionality like the new Xbox Wireless Controller in Standard Mode, while gamers can play with their own settings in Advanced Mode. The Pro Compact app, which can be downloaded for Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs from the Microsoft Store, can be used to configure button mapping as well as adjust the sensitivity of each stick and trigger through various profile presets.

There are additional settings to reverse the stick positions, choose between a D-pad with 4 or 8 directions, and disable the vibration motors. Players can therefore easily adapt the Pro Compact to their play style directly from their Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Windows 10 PC.”

One of the most nifty features is the support for Dolby Atmos in headphones. By downloading the Dolby Access app, players can adjust their audio experience to hear the smallest of noises, or the bombastic action set pieces on screen. A great choice to gain a competitive edge in multiplayer games, or even just to fully immerse yourself in single player experiences.

It’s a lot of quality features; the only drawback is with it being wired. But if you can look past that, the number of options available is staggering for the price point, making it a worthwhile investment. Pre-orders are available now from NACON’s official store page.

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