The Shadow Warrior series has flown under the radar for some time now, but the upcoming instalment looks like the most frantic, action-packed entry yet - oh, and it's now definitely confirmed to be coming to Xbox One.

IGN had exclusive dibs on some new, juicy footage, and it seems that Bethesda's take on the DOOM series in recent years has had some influence. Shadow Warrior has always been known for its fast-paced gunplay, but that dial looks as though its been cranked up to 11. The new gameplay in particular highlights some brutal melee finishers, which sees the player ripping out the enemy's eye and using it as a frisbee for some elemental damage.

"Get a new look at gory first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 3 and see the first reveal of the Doomsday Device level, the Gassy Obaryion enemy, and most fun of all, the "Double Trouble" gore weapon highlight. As a bonus, you'll see some Arena Kills, i.e. how you can use the environment against your enemies. Shadow Warrior 3 will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One later in 2021."

Up until this point, Shadow Warrior 3 was only confirmed for PC. It's great to know a console version is also on the way (as we had expected), as the past two entries have been nothing short of fun. We're looking forward to seeing the gameplay evolution since the last entry, which as it stands, is looking mighty impressive.

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