If you thought yesterday's announcement of an upcoming Sonic game was underwhelming, then these allegedly leaked details should give you some insight into what it's all about.

Data from a leaked 4K version of the teaser trailer has files which suggest the game will be called Sonic Rangers. The name is said to come up 260 times within the files, and while it could be a simple codename, another supposed leak from a few months ago adds credence to the whole thing.

One user on 4chan posted details of a Sonic game they were testing back in January. While we would usually take this with a pinch of salt, the user actually referenced the game as being called Sonic Rangers. More interestingly, they claimed it was an open-world game, filled with puzzles, small enemies, and platforming.

There are also said to be some RPG elements, as completing objectives in the world unlocks EXP to spend within a skill tree. Bosses roam the world and by defeating them, they grant orbs which unlock levels to dive into. Despite how cool this all sounds, the user did state it was in a very rough state at the time, with combat being very button-mashy and exploration being relatively boring. If the leak is true, it is important to note this is an early build.

The trailer for Sonic's next outing in 2022 did give a feel that this may be an open-world affair. While brief, it featured Sonic rushing through an expansive forest. Eurogamer also claimed to receive a press release which referenced Sonic Rangers as the game's title, which allegedly reads: "Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, further details on Netflix's Sonic Prime, mobile news, musical events and much more!"

However, the publication claimed that a further email was sent to say that the press release received was an older version and there's no further information on Sonic Rangers right now. It seems like someone at SEGA may have spilled the beans too early. Adding all this together, we say it's pretty likely to believe that at the very least, the game will be called Sonic Rangers. As for the other information, it seems like too much of a huge coincidence to dismiss it, but we suppose anything is possible.

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