Elden Ring May Not Be at E3 2021
Image: Bandai Namco

Everything seems up in the air surrounding Elden Ring. We had a leaked trailer earlier this year, later followed by what seemingly looked like confirmation of a worldwide reveal during Xbox's E3 conference. Alas, one industry insider seems adamant it won't be shown during the Xbox Showcase, and possibly not at E3 at all.

This comes from long standing industry insider Jeff Grubb, who made the claim during today's episode of The Game Mess Show. In his comments about Elden Ring, he made the pretty definitive statement that it won't be shown during the Xbox showcase, which leads him to believe it most likely won't be shown at E3 at all. While the latter is speculation, Xbox originally revealed Elden Ring back in 2019, so it would make sense for it to return via that means again.

"Elden Ring is not going to be at the Xbox showcase. I'm pretty certain about that, and if it's not at the Xbox showcase I am therefore pretty certain it's not going to be at E3 at all. There's still a chance, I guess. If you were to ask me what my opinion is, what I think is going to happen is it's not going to be at E3 at all as it's not at the Xbox showcase."

It's entirely possible these comments could be wrong, as Bandai Namco have already revealed they'll be part of the E3 roster, we just don't know in what capacity. Grubb also claims that Hellblade 2 won't be making an appearance, although is not as definitive as he is about Elden Ring. The reason? They've already shown a CG trailer and wouldn't want to show another with the narrative around Xbox failing to showcase gameplay over pre-rendered trailers.

Whether these rumours are true will all be revealed in a little under a month. E3 is fast approaching, and we can probably expect more and more rumours to surface over the coming weeks. Not long till we see who's right and who may be wrong.

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