Image: People Can Fly

Outriders by People Can Fly has experienced ongoing issues since its launch at the beginning of last month.

While many are still recovering from wiped inventories, a new issue has now reportedly popped up in the latest update for the game, which was released last week. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, it's resulting in players either dying very quickly or in some cases being instantly killed by a single attack.

Here's the official acknowledgement from the Outriders Twitter account. The developer is now taking feedback in a thread over on the Outriders subreddit. You can see an example of what's going on, in a response to the same tweet (note the green health bar on the bottom left):

On the game's subreddit, the developer explains how it's "continuing to investigate" the matter and has also shared some "potential" workarounds, which have helped some players. These suggestions are to un-equip all armour, then re-equip it. And if this doesn't help, hard restart the "full game" (just don't return to the lobby) then re-equip armour.

People Can Fly reiterates how the latest patch did not intentionally change any formulas which would have directly caused this, and further clarifies how it "did not make armour weaker or enemies stronger" - noting how "every single player would be feeling the effects of that".

Have you experienced this issue in Outriders yourself? How has the rest of the game been for you so far? Leave a comment down below.

[source twitter.com, via kotaku.com.au]