The backyard survival hit Grounded is approaching the one-year mark of its Game Preview / Early Access. In the lead-up to this, developer Obsidian has revealed the plan from here on out is to provide fewer but much larger and more meaningful updates.

"We are approaching the one-year mark from the Game Preview/Early Access launch and we still have so much that we want to do for the game. Some of these larger features take time, and with a small team it's difficult to release content every month while balancing larger tasks that need to get done to finish the game. We will be looking at doing larger and slightly less frequent updates moving forward, which will allow us to make our updates more meaningful with more and better content.

"Our goal is to find the right balance of keeping the game fresh with new things while giving the team enough time to make quality features."

Right now, the team is hard at work on the next update (Version 0.10.0) - it's expected to be the largest one yet, and is currently on track to be released at the end of next month. The team is also skipping a May update to focus its efforts on this larger one.

This next big update will include more building pieces (curved walls, roof variations etc), the ability to flip building pieces and mirror them, giant food item changes, photo mode enhancements, the ability to sprint while climbing ladders and much more "big stuff" to come.

Grounded - Large food

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