Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Achievement List Drives Us Nuts

With Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming on May 14, we're excited at the thought of playing through three fantastic RPGs all over again. With us being achievement hunters as well, the prospect of earning a gargantuan amount of gamerscore across three titles fills us with glee - but there's one small caveat. In what may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, the list avoids capping out at a lovely 3000G and instead sits on 2915G. Argh!

Okay, so it's not the biggest deal in the world. But would it have hurt to have just bumped this up another 85G? Probably not, but for some reason the team has decided to taunt us with its random number. The full list can be seen at True Achievements, and has even got commenters feeling the same as us. No doubt most players won't even be phased, but for those achievement hunters out there like us, it's a pain.

Luckily, EA and BioWare came through on their promise to streamline the achievements across all three games. Certain achievements, such as 'kill x amount of enemies' now pertains to all three games, instead of being tied to one. This is great news and diminishes the need to grind by a considerable amount.

While we joke about the annoying achievement list, you can bet we'll be there on day one next week, reliving the classic Xbox 360 adventures of Commander Shepherd. It seems like the Legendary Edition is introducing some fantastic improvements to all three games, and we can't wait to check them out.

Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition's Achievement List Bother You?

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