Industry Insiders Reiterate Starfield Will Not Be Releasing This Year
Image: Bethesda

Update: Reliable source Jason Schreier is now saying the game is scheduled for late 2022, but will have its date teased at E3. Looks like all will be revealed next month.

Original Story: We already shared a rumour that Starfield may be releasing in Q1 2022, but another rumour has been circulating that suggested the game was completed last year and is currently in its polishing stages, as well as working on a next-gen port. Following this, multiple industry insiders have reiterated the game will not be releasing this year.

It's not utterly surprising, consider we know little to nothing about the game, but it's still worth keeping expectations in check. On a brighter note, it's expected to be shown at E3, so at least we'll see the game in action for the first time.

There's been other rumours over the game making their rounds, one strange one being that Tom Cruise could be making an appearance in the game. If you're desperate to see Starfield, there are reportedly tons of leaked images out in the wild. But if you want to wait, it's only a few weeks till Xbox's E3 showcase, where all should be revealed.

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