FPS Boost Games To Play On Xbox Series X

With the huge announcement that over 70 titles have been given the FPS Boost treatment this week, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. Whether you're into first-person shooters or open world adventures - there's most likely a game you're going to want to try.

FPS Boost has been a fantastic feature on the Xbox Series X & S, bringing many games up to 60FPS, and in some cases even 120FPS. It's not just recent titles either, some older Xbox titles have also been afforded the same treatment, looking and playing better than ever before. With that said, there are ten games in the most recent announcement that we really think will shine in the new update, and will be great examples of what FPS Boost has to offer.

Assassin's Creed Unity (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

When this game originally launched, it was plagued with an assortment of issues. Frame rate drops, crashes, and a variety of bugs to name a few. It was the first entry designed for the Xbox One and suffered as a result. Too ambitious for its own good, with a high density in crowds and a beautiful rendition of France.

So, what game better deserving of an FPS Boost where it can really shine? The backwards compatibility team are wizards in this department, and bringing this flawed entry up to a fantastic playable standard is going to be a great excuse to revisit it. Despite all the issues, the core of Assassin's Creed was still in the middle of Unity, and we can't wait to see it as it was intended.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

Out of all the Dragon Age games, Inquisition is the most ambitious in scale. The others are fairly dialled back in terms of scale, but Inquisition builds on open-world elements seen in games such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and runs with it. It also ups the ante on its real-time combat, providing some pretty lovely visual effects.

So, what better way to bring this flawed gem back into the point of relevance than with an FPS Boost. With the increase in frames, the combat will look better than ever before, with magic effects and even your trusty sword providing some wonderful visual flair. The world of Dragon Age: Inquisition is also a sight to behold, featuring stunning vistas and a variety of biomes to explore. Revisiting the fantasy world has never been more exciting, and this is a perfect excuse to hop back in.

Dying Light (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on Xbox Series X only

We've already received word on what players can expect in terms of Dying Light 2's graphical options, but what about the original entry? It's been out for a long time now, but people are still checking it out. With the sequel on the horizon, there's possibly never been a better time to jump in, and the FPS Boost is going to really enhance that.

One of the things Dying Light prides itself on are the incredible parkour mechanics. Sure, slicing zombies to kingdom come is always a blast, but what really sets the game apart are the Mirror's Edge inspirations in its movement. Running across walls, leaping across cars, and sliding along ziplines is going to look even smoother with a much needed FPS Boost. It's also going to be a great indication for what the sequel will bring, which is looking more promising each time we see it.

Far Cry 5 (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

When Far Cry 4 was announced as one of the first games to get an FPS Boost, Xbox players were left confused as to why the next entry was emitted. Well, worry no further, as a whole host of Far Cry games have been subjected to the treatment, with Far Cry 5 being the cream of the crop.

The game was already a fantastic first-person shooter on the Xbox One, but now it can really shine with a much needed increase to its frame rate. The frantic action, explosive set pieces, and even just the simple exploration will now come to life like never before. Far Cry 4 did a fantastic job bumping the game up to a more modern standard, and now we have another fantastic entry to add to that.

Gears of War 4 (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

Gears of War 4 is an interesting one. When the game first dropped, its campaign was locked at 30FPS, while the multiplayer allowed for 60FPS. It was a bit jarring, especially during the launch period when players were bouncing between the two - but now it finally feels like one cohesive package.

While the Xbox One X did get a much needed bump up to 60FPS in the campaign through its performance mode, it still suffered with a few noticeable drops. Now, with the technical prowess of an FPS Boost, the game can flow at the fluidity we've come to expect after Gears 5.

Mad Max (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 120FPS on Xbox Series X and 60FPS on Xbox Series S

If there's one hugely underrated gem in the Xbox One library, it's Mad Max. Coming out the same day as Metal Gear Solid V meant it was swept under the rug, and many players missed out on a fantastic licensed tie-in. The open-world is gorgeous, the combat is fantastic, and the car battles... well, they're a sight to behold. If you loved Mad Max Fury Road, the game allows you to make your own set pieces similar to that great movie.

So, the increase in FPS is very much welcomed. Being able to blast around in the open, barren desert with an even smoother frame rate is going to really enhance this experience. Even the combat and on-foot exploration is going to get a much needed increase in fidelity, as the Arkham style fighting flows better than ever before. There's probably not a more explosive and underrated entry that deserves it as much as this, so FPS Boost on Mad Max is a very welcome inclusion. We just hope more people check it out.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

With multiple Tomb Raider titles getting an FPS Boost, it was hard to choose one over the other, but we think Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes it home. Why? Because it takes the incredible gameplay, boosts the game to 60FPS, and manages to still maintain its 4K resolution. Pretty impressive.

It was a technical marvel when it first launched, but now it feels elevated into a true next-gen experience with its superb visual quality. Some moments of the game are absolutely jaw-dropping, so to experience them with a smooth frame rate is just taking the biscuit with how incredible it actually looks. Even the tech wizards at Digital Foundry are blown away by the results. This is not one to miss out on.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

When Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition launched, Digital Foundry did an analysis of the game which revealed that it was not a great Xbox port at all. Constant frame drops were an issue, and for a title that was a remastered version of an Xbox 360 game on Xbox One, it was pretty disappointing. It's always needed an FPS upgrade, especially when the world feels so alive. Now, it has finally received one.

The increased frame rate allows the game's version of Hong Kong to really shine. Sleeping Dogs came at a time when Grand Theft Auto was growing in maturity, while Saints Row was doing the complete opposite - there was no middle ground. It made a nice change to have a game that balanced that line perfectly, with high octane car chases, explosive shootouts, and satisfying melee combat. All of this now gets to run smoother than ever before, and has finally become the port many fans wanted.

The Evil Within 2 (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

When The Evil Within 2 received an increased frame rate for the PC version earlier this year, Xbox fans were understandably jealous. Having been treated to other survival horrors such as Resident Evil 2 Remake over the past few years, Xbox horror fanatics have been treated to some pretty smooth and terrifying experiences. But now, The Evil Within 2 will join those classics with a much needed bump in FPS.

The world of The Evil Within 2 is horrifying, filled with many creatures that crawl, slither, and gallop towards you in terrifying set pieces. The sheer creativity applied to some of them is staggering, especially the late game battles. It's more action-focused than older Resident Evil titles, too, so the increase in FPS to compliment that is a wonderful addition. Seeing the enemy animations play out smoother and creepier than ever before is any horror fan's dream, and now the game can stand tall against its other horror series' mascots.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (Xbox One)

  • FPS Boost: 60FPS on both Xbox Series X and Series S

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life was the first mainline entry to use the new Yakuza graphics engine. It's a beautiful visual upgrade, which Judgment and Yakuza: Like A Dragon have both displayed to an incredible effect. Both of those games also have versions that support 60FPS now, while Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has remained in the dark. But now, protagonist Kazuma Kiyru's final entry gets the proper send off it rightfully deserves.

Having run at 60FPS on PC, Xbox players finally get to experience one of the best, most emotional stories in the series in the best possible way. The franchise may have taken a turn-based approach in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, but here, the real-time combat remains and is the pinnacle of everything that came before it. Being able to deliver expressive finishing moves in a higher frame rate is going to really add something to the visceral combat, making this one of the series' must-played entries on Xbox.

What other games would you add to this list? Let us know down in the comments below.