When the Resident Evil series shifted to a first-person focus in its seventh entry, it became a controversial topic at the time. Some fans loved the departure, while others were stuck in the old ways of its over-the-shoulder perspective. Thankfully, Capcom seems to be embracing both traditions with its entries, mixing and matching the methods in which the game is played. But if you've ever wondered what Resident Evil Village would look like in the old-school style, a newly released mod gives us an insight.

As shared by IGN, one mod created by Patreon user FluffyQuack (which we're sad to say is limited to PC) gives us a look at what the game would be like if Ethan was in full frame. If you're hoping to see his face in all its glory, you'll be disappointed as it's just the back of his head, but the gameplay definitely gives off strong Resident Evil 4 vibes in this change of gameplay. What's more exciting is that it gives us a potential feel at what the strongly rumoured remake of Resident Evil 4 could look like, as the gameplay focuses on more action orientated sections.

We also loved seeing the height difference between Ethan and Lady Dimitrescu as an added bonus, as up until this point, we've only really had Master Chief as a comparison. As we've said before, this mod is only available on PC, but it's still an interesting look into a 'what if' scenario. On the off chance you do have the means to try it, you can download it via the creator's Patreon page now.

What do you think of Resident Evil Village in third-person? Let us know in the comments below.

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