Dragon Quest Creator Hints At 'That Game' Ahead Of Anniversary Stream
Image: Square Enix

Xbox has been welcoming the Dragon Quest series with open arms recently, with both Dragon Quest XI and Dragon Quest Builders 2 not only coming to Xbox, but also Game Pass on day one. With the 35th anniversary stream arriving on May 27, series creator Yuji Horii has hinted towards a pretty big announcement.

In a recently translated Tweet, Horii began ramping up excitement levels for the upcoming stream, stating not only will the team "have plenty to announce", but they will have more on "that game". As expected, fans are hoping news of Dragon Quest XII arrives, although it's worth noting that it could also be related to Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai: Infinity Strash, a console adaptation of the ongoing anime series.

Despite only releasing on Xbox back in December, Dragon Quest XI actually launched back in 2017 for Japan, with a worldwide release on PlayStation in 2018. With the growing relationship between Microsoft and Square Enix, we're hoping future instalments release simultaneously on Xbox, despite the console failing to capture an audience in Japan.

With an English interpretation of the stream later this week, we're also hopeful that it signals a simultaneous worldwide release. Dragon Quest XI proved that an audience for the game exists across the seas, and with other Japanese franchises such as Yakuza also showing there's a place for them outside of Japan, we'd be happy to see the gap between instalments arriving in western territories being shortened.

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