Reveals don't always happen in a way you might expect, and today is seemingly one of those days.

The block-building toymaker Mega Construx - the company behind a number of Halo-themed builds - has shared various songs on its official website and at least some of them appear to be from Halo Infinite. You can hear them in the video above - track 5 has been debunked and removed in recent hours - but the rest could potentially be the real deal.

A portion of these tracks seem to be new while others have been used in existing trailers and game footage. However, that fifth track appears to have come from a license-free database, so there's still doubt around some of them.

Going through the list in the video above, the first is from the Skiff Intercept set, followed by songs for the Hijacked Ghost set, Warthog Rally, Banshee Breakout set, and the Defense Point Showdown set.

Have a listen and tell us what you think down in the comments.