Minecraft Dungeons
Image: @dungeonsgame

The Minecraft spin-off Minecraft Dungeons will be receiving a save cloud support update next week on 5th May.

This update will be coming to all platforms the game is available on - including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC - and means players will be able to play their saves across multiple platforms.

@dungeonsgame "Whether you want to play on the big screen, a handheld device or your trusty old laptop; the adventure doesn’t have to stop! On May 5, Cloud Saves are coming to Dungeons, meaning you’ll be able to pick up and play your save game on any supported platform!"

It follows on from the cross-platform play update last November - which allows friends to play together across any platform (Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and PC). In more recent times, the game was optimised for Xbox Series X|S and introducing higher FPS and resolutions.

Will you be making use of the cloud save feature in Minecraft Dungeons? Tell us down below.

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