Xbox Fans Go Crazy Over Recent Update On Tunic

Tunic was announced back in 2017 under the name of Secret Legend, but was then shown again during Xbox's conference in 2018 as Tunic. It was also confirmed that the game would be a console launch exclusive, but since then details on the project have been fairly sparse.

Yesterday saw a the official Twitter account post a new tease, after months of silence, which has sent the community in a frenzy. All it featured was a small GIF of a golden door being opened, which has led to excitement, speculation, and even the official Xbox account chiming in to get in on the fun. But what does it mean - if anything?

Fans have shared GIFs to express their anticipation and media professionals such as IGN's Ryan McCaffrey have shared the tweet to say that Tunic is the Xbox exclusive "no one’s really talking about yet, but they will."

Tunic was highlighted in an Xbox Wire post as one of the 30 games coming exclusively to Xbox in 2021, but we still have no indication on when that may be. It looks to be a beautiful isometric take on The Legend of Zelda series, where you play as a cute little fox. The game seems charming and we can't wait to hear more. Who knows? Maybe this recent tweet is a signal that the game has gone gold, with more news to come very soon?

Are you hoping to hear more about Tunic soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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